S’il vous plaît admettre – so making DIY catalogues and sticking Polaroid pictures on the shoe boxes in an attempt to design a personalised system hasn’t worked out well for you. Please be honest!

Not exactly a universal problem, but there are the stylish, jet setter individuals who are honestly overwhelmed by their own wardrobe. These set of individual therefore need expert hands to help manage and organised their wardrobe. Having homes in different parts of the world does sound glamorous, but it also comes with its own associated problems.

So you have a lot of clothes that would have the average woman to be filled with envy. You also work and travel a lot, your clothes are all over the place and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know where anything is such as ‘that one of kind Hermès Birkin bag’ or the ‘St Erasmus Necklace’.

Rather than task yourself with the job of DIY wardrobe management, why not leave such task in the hands of the VAULT COUTURE experts. We are not called the ‘Finest Wardrobe Management’ for nothing. Our clothing concierge service is a little bit like James Bond M15 vault, except that this time you are sitting within the comfort of your abode without the smooth talking secret agent by your side. Instead what you get is a birds eye view of your entire wardrobe staring back at you in front of your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or tablet.

By subscribing to the Vault Couture membership, you will receive the following:

  • Professionals sent to your house to help organise your closet with the utmost care. Items are folded with tissue paper and primly tied with a ribbon.
  • Certain items are taken away (with your permission) for storing at a secret site.
  • Upon arrival, each of the items are photographed from several angles and bar-coded.
  • If necessary items are cleaned and mended.
  • Your very own VIRTUAL WARDROBE with our state of the art software with a pseudonym name given for confidentiality purpose.
  • Enlists the help of a professional stylist if and when needed.
  • Finally, you will be able to access your account, browse your belongings and request for your favourite pieces to be shipped anywhere in the world.

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For more information, please visit www.vaultcouture.com