BRITISH VOGUE.  The Chicest Fashion Storage in the World Goes Digital

In a climate-controlled facility nestled within Central London (the exact address remains tightly under wraps), a team of men and women in white lab coats have exclusive access to what may be the world’s premiere walk-in closet. The multilevel building—physical home to digital wardrobe management company Vault Couture—has a photo studio, an alterations area staffed with tailors and seamstresses, and is equipped with high-level security lockout capabilities. 

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Since 2012, Vault Couture has discreetly been serving as a storage solution for space-starved and time-pressed international jet-setters. It is the brainchild of  Mounissa Chodieva who was looking for a smart, effortless way to balance her extensive travel schedule and highly cultivated wardrobe. Chodieva wanted  to create a quasi-laboratory of clothing, taking into consideration air purification and the necessity of breathable garment bags and boxes.   

Vault began as an invitation-only wardrobe service, but as time went on, London locals as well as Parisians, New Yorkers, Muscovites, and Angelenos all started to clamor for a spot to store everything from museum-worthy, archival couture pieces (think a fifties Dior satin robe and an array of Chanel pieces from the 1940s) to wedding dresses and last season’s Louboutin pumps.  Now the company is introducing the Virtual Vault Platform, which launches tomorrow and promises a complete and easy-to-use overhaul to their current interactive software. The iPad- and iPhone-friendly app introduces new features that will allow Couture customers to upload inspiration photos and re-create looks from their digitized wardrobes, as well as a “style me” tool that enlists a professional stylist to offer fashion guidance; that is, making the process of putting together looks from multiple closets even easier, no matter where you are in the world.

The company can dispatch a “home de-clut” professional to your abode to organize your closet with the utmost care (i.e., sweaters are folded with tissue paper and primly tied with a ribbon) and then take away certain pieces for storing on site. Upon arrival, each item is photographed from a multitude of angles, cleaned and mended (if necessary), and then kept under a pseudonym for confidentiality. Clients are able to browse their belongings at any time, and request pieces to be shipped anywhere in the world.  

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