Vcitoria Beckham, better known now a days for her fashion line than her younger Spice Girl days, has announced she is selling just over 600 pieces of her elegant wardrobe in aid of a charity close to her heart, Mothers2Mothers. In association with Outnet and after being valued by Christie’s, Beckham’s pieces will go on sale from August 20th – 25th. 

“I laughed a lot when we were going through my wardrobe as the pieces hold so many happy memories for me, David and the children,” Beckham said. “A lot of the clothes have been specially designed for me by the most talented designers and I’ve loved wearing them, however I now feel it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy them. We approached The Outnet as they have an incredible global reputation and are the perfect partner for us to build awareness and raise as much money as possible for Mothers2mothers.”

Head to to register you bid on any of these amazing pieces.

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