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The innovative wardrobe management service Vault Couture brings a whole new meaning to the term “shop your own closet”. Caroline Issa is smitten


At this point in the season, when the sales are happening and I’m tempted to grab a bargain, I’m reminded that my wardrobe is brimming to capacity with gems I tend to forget about. Apparently we wear 20 per cent of our wardrobe 80 per cent of the time, and judging by my own recycling of favourite outfits, I can believe the statistic.

Enter Vault Couture, a wardrobe management company set up in 2012 to manage how we store, archive and care for our investment pieces. Its services target not only jet-setting collectors but also city professionals living in invariably small spaces – those who want their precious pieces stored in the best condition yet easily accessible, just in case they have a sudden desire to wear that vintage Tom Ford for YSL dress whose feathers take up far too much room in their closet.

It’s a winning proposition. The basic joining package comprises a hanging rail for 50 garments and an accessory bin for eight items, all photographed, catalogued and bar coded for inventory and identity purposes, then uploaded to the Virtual Vault digital platform for 24/7 access. The pieces are individually stored in breathable garment bags and boxes in a climate-controlled lock-out facility somewhere in central London and can be delivered for use within 24 hours.


Depending on the package you sign up for, services can include hiring a stylist to help create outfits from the items hanging in your own wardrobe, determining what to keep, what to “vault”, and what to get rid of. For those with multiple homes and therefore several wardrobes, the Travel Bag service allows clients to travel without luggage (and therefore free from the burden of packing), simply calling for specific items as and when they require them. First world problems, to be sure, but a simple solution now exists for the issue of forgetting about what you actually have.

As Vault Couture’s clientele has expanded – initially it was invitation-only; now it’s available to all – so have the services on offer, each one focused on making your wardrobe work harder. The Wish List option allows you to snap and upload a picture of someone wearing something you love, whereupon the Vault team will help to recreate the look either by finding the elements from within your existing wardrobe, or having someone purchase something similar for you.

The promise of an edited wardrobe with room for “growth” and all of my beloved oldies but goodies neatly stored away and catalogued with the precision of a Net-A-Porter shoppable page? Let’s be honest – they had me at hello.




Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/womens-style/36765/vault-couture-from-wardrobe-to-boutique.html