Theo Fennell- jewellery designer based in Chelsea creates artworks with unique designs using the best traditional materials. Born in Egypt and having lived all over the world, including Penang, Singapore, Pakistan, France and Germany, shaped Theo’s vision in his artwork. Using original tools, some of which is 100 years old, Theo Fennell brand is based on tradition and artisans. The materials used are the best precious stones and metals. The team itself consists only out of 10 people, however, it also praises young talents and allows joining the team and training, to pass the skills and nurture the craft. The jewellery experience is truly unique and people working on each piece will be concentrating on one-off, not producing it on a bigger scale, so that every client owns their own unique piece. Theo Fennell artworks speak for themselves, available in Harrods and Selfridges. 

 Theo Fennel  Theo fennel 1 Theo Fennel 2 

theo fennel 1

theo fennel2