Escape to an island in the southern Aegean Sea, just 200km of the coast of mainland Greece. Located in the village of Imerovigli, Santoriniboasts gleaming whitewashed villages, scenic white cliffs, deep blue waters and volcanic beaches with white, read and black sands.

 Santorini is renowned as a destination most sought after for romance. Just look to the images of infinity pools, beautiful blue-domed churches, cobbled street villages, scenic hillsides and majestic sunsets.

 For those looking for a taste of paradise, visit Santorini for that well deserved retreat you’ve been promising yourself. Soak in the sun, take in the enthralling views and unwind. With no cars on the island, the air is fresh and the atmosphere is serene.

 During the daytime there is plenty to do, such as day trips around the island, winery tours, spectacular volcano boat trips and cable-car rides down to the port just to name a few.

 For those of you who also like to enjoy a little evening excitement, Santorini has a lavish choice of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and even festivals during certain months. With a plethora of venues, the night is always long in Santorini.

 It is the perfect destination to spend the summer months. Go on, book that flight and experience paradise.

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~ The London Lady ~