The French Riviera between Cannes and St Tropez, 6 things to do his Summer:

 This summer let’s go to the French Riviera, enjoy the sun, the wonderful seaside, celebrities and luxury treatment. Between Cannes and St Tropez, you will be able to appreciate some peaceful moments away from all the busy and noisy streets of Cannes, follow our great advice about what do and we promise you a wonderful trip for this summer!

La Croisette – Cannes

This is the impressive promenade curving around the bay where, at film festival time, you might think you have spotted a star or two. At other times, it is the stage for the spectacle that is Cannes. With a sparkling parcel of sea out front and exotic greenery on the prom itself, everything seems beautiful. 

 Ile Ste-Marguérite – Cannes

Fifteen minutes by boat from Cannes lies the Iles de Lérins, two lovely islands, free from embellishment and tourism, where you can enjoy a relaxing amtmosphere and enjoy your surroundings–Ile Ste-Marguérite, and Ile St-Honorat. Ferries to the islands are based on Quai Laubeuf, on the western side of the old port in Cannes.

International Firework festival

Without much doubt, fireworks furnish Cannes’ ‘biggest-bang’ summer event. Starting on Bastille Day –July 14 –and over five subsequent summer nights, the Bay of Cannes lights up to the Festival Pyrotechnique. From barges lashed out at sea, the planet’s finest fireworks companies loose off the artillery, to the accompaniment of music booming around La Croisette. The best show bags a Vestale-d’Argent award. The spectacle starts at 10pm, but best get there a lot earlier –up to 200,000 people attend each one, so the prom is packed.

Or you might prefer to see it from on board one of the local yachts. Ferry companies like Riviera Lines and Trans Côte-d’Azur will take you out onto the water, from 9.15 to 11pm.

The old village – St Tropez

 These ochre streets may be the only ones in the world where designer fashion shops stand opposite grocery stores. Pop into the parish church where, to the left of the altar, there is a bust of St Tropez himself. Yes, there really was a chap called Tropez (or “Torpes”, or Torpetius in the original Latin).

Quai Jean Jaurès – St Tropez

By the port are the chic, eye-wateringly exquisite restaurants and bar terraces, the most celebrated being the first one along, Sénéquier. With its red film-directors’ chairs and triangular tables it makes an excellent dining affair. Jacques Chirac has been spotted here along with has everyone else you have ever heard of.

On the harbor side are, of course, the yachts –the size of Salisbury Plain and truly chic, the perfect point of relaxation. 

Coastal walk

 A splendid alternative to sitting around doing nothing is the seven-mile walk round the headlands to the Pampelonne beaches. The track –called “le Sentier du Littoral”–is quite wild in places, but well maintained and clearly signposted. At reasonable walking speed, it will take about three and a half hours, depending how far along Pampelonne beach you want to end up.

En route, you’ll have stirring scenery, interesting coastal flora and the maritime cemetery where the film director Roger Vadim now rests. Brigitte Bardot’s modest place is also nearby, as are charming little beaches such as Plage Graniers, Plage des Canebiers, Plage de la Moutte and Plage des Salins, where the likes of Bruce Willis and Naomi Campbell will make an appearance.

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