It’s been said time after time that we all live a very busy live. So you can imagine when your day starts with you taking a flight from London to one of the most exotic and remote place in the world and yet in few days, you are expected to the present at the most stylish fashion event of the year taking place at Cannes. How on earth would you have the time to manage your wardrobe to suit the different climates, have access to all of them at once, preview what you would like to wear and have all chosen items shipped to your desired location anywhere in the world?

The answer to such wardrobe dilemma lies in you obtaining a Vault Couture membership. We cater both for the jet setters, those with lack of space and those with poor wardrobe management skills. Yes, even the art of getting your cluttered wardrobe in order is an ART in itself.

The Vault Couture service arrange both the delivery and collection of your wardrobe to any desired location worldwide at a moments notice. In addition to all these logistic manoeuvrings, items are kept in pristine condition with other services such as cleaning and alterations available at your request.

For the well-travelled individuals, business men and women out there, the level of service and expert handling of your most prized items becomes equally as important as the item itself. A team of expert are sent to client’s home to go through the wardrobe and catalogue your investment pieces. Every single item is then photograph from all angles which are bar coded and in turn used to create to your own personalised Virtual Wardrobe. If you are concerned about your items being damaged, you need not to worry because all items are carefully hung in a breathable garment bag and stored in a climate-controlled air-purified facility.

There are different packages to suit the needs of each client such as hiring crème de la crème stylist to help you create the perfect look from your current wardrobe. Clients with multiple homes and several wardrobes would also benefit from the Travel Bag service. This service offers clients to travel without their luggage and simply request items as and when they are needed.

Finally, there’s the Wish List option – this is where you snap and upload a picture of someone wearing outfit that you love. The Vault team are then tasked with either finding similar items in your existing wardrobe or have someone purchase similar items for you.

At the click of a button, the most desirable clothing concierge service is not far away –

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by Chinyere Kekeocha