The recent rainfall there in the UK made me to start thinking of the perfect organisational piece for keeping the umbrellas in a tidy state. I remember going up in a household of five people and when there’s a rainfall all five umbrellas are left piled up on the top of one and even when one can clearly see that they are all dried up and ready to be put away in a neat form. So seeing this Progetti Bach Umbrella Holder today got me thinking on how nice it would be have something so sleek and modern in your home.

Apart from having a striking form, it is also the perfect functional piece to have at home where they are lots of umbrellas. I can imagine this becoming a conversational piece if you are having dinner parties or simply inviting friends over. It is an eye catching piece that you could place along the hallway or simply at the corner of the main entrance door. The umbrella holder is made from painted steel and PVC, this holder has an unusual modern tube design and a lipped base to catch any drips when wet umbrellas are stored in it. Available at Amara for £201.

Progetti Bach Umbrella Holder

By Chichi