Initially Ravello used to be a resort for Roman Patriarchs. Having been a commercial port between the 11th and the 13th centuries, it attracted aristocratic families that enriched the village with magnificent palaces and cathedrals.
The Villa Cimbrone, built in the 11th century was changed in the 20th century by an English gentleman, who enriched the Villa with mixing styles, eras and ethnic elements from various cultures. The Villa Rufolo is a three story palace, influenced by Arab culture, it belonged to the powerful Rufolo family. It attracted many literary artists, such as Boccaccio, Virginia Wolf, Turner and many more.

Overlooking the Gulf of Salerno in Ravello, Palazzo Sasso used to be Patrician residence owned by Sasso family in the 12th century. The Palace was abandoned in the 18th century and was reinnovated by a rich industrial family in the 19th century, which attracted many celebrities of the time. Situated on a 350 meter cliff, it offers the view on the Mediterranean. Its rich history is preserved through the bright lit reception area, which is situated in the former chapel of the palace. Although furnished by Bulgari, it still has traces of the 18th and 19th century through some furniture details, left by the owners. Not only the hotel was rated as one of the world’s finest hotels, but it is proudly carrying two-star Michelin dining. 

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by Tatiana Ivanova