“Our idea of gastronomic luxury is simply having something natural, indigenous and unique.”
Virgilio Martinez

Capturing the spirit of South American and located in Covent Garden is LIMA Floral. The restaurant is split into two spaces – “The main restaurant (60 covers) in it serves an innovative menu overseen by Virgilio Martinez and Head Chef Robert Ortiz featuring some of Virgilio’s latest creations as well as some rare native vegetables, fruits and fishes from remote places in the Amazon basin and the Andes altitudes with the aim of helping customers discover new flavours.”

The restaurant offers exquisite dining native to Peru, full of flavour life and a sense of fun. Each dish is created to perfection and there is a huge selection to indulge in. 

There is a ‘piques bar,’ offering small tapas dishes and an extensive range of delicious cocktails. We highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Covent Garden. 

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