Looking and staying stylish are no longer reserved for women only. Whilst it is very clear that the needs and requirements would differ, there’s a common ground that both parties can identify with – expert wardrobe management and space maximisation. Vault Couture’s luxury service offers access to your virtual wardrobe, high-end wardrobe management, storage, repairs and delivery anywhere in the world. Those with unpredictable travel schedule would benefit from this high end virtual wardrobe management.

Today you have a business meeting in New York at 10am and a last minute change means that you now need to travel to back Moscow (instead of London as previously planned) to finalise that acquisition and merger deal due to unforeseen circumstance. In the midst of all this chaos of trying to checkout from the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York and getting the next available flight to Moscow, your wardrobe needs appears to have taken a back seat. As a last minute attempt you are now left with one shopping option, which is the duty free shop. This might not be ideal if your size can’t easily be found from the off the peg selection.In a nutshell Vault Couture simply does the following: SORT – STORE – STYLE – SEND


At Vault Couture we will professionally photograph each piece from all angles recording every stitch. We will create your VIRTUAL WARDROBE with our state of the art software, providing you with seamless access from any location globally.


Extend the size of your personal wardrobe with secure out-of-home storage. Safely archive and store seasonal collections and expand your working wardrobe, while maintaining easy access to your garments. 


Optimise your wardrobe and create your own complete looks through MY LOOKS function, or engage one of our revered stylists to give you a fresh perspective on your wardrobe, just press STYLE ME, we’ll take care of the rest.


Always discreet and professional, Vault Couture will facilitate efficient delivery of items whenever you need them. Same day collection and delivery means that the item you request now will be with you in a moment’s notice. Travel can become light and stress-free.

By joining the www.vaultcouture.com membership, the worries of what to wear and how to get your PA have them couriered to you in Moscow becomes a thing of the past.

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by Chinyere Kekeocha