Elie Saab concentrates on evening couture chic in his “Dark Opulence” FW 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection, featuring rich jewel colour pallet as emerald, merlot, pale rose and black with excessive amounts of rich fabric- predominantly lace, chiffon, cashmere and fur- used in full length dresses and chic mantels.

 Graphic details in the dress cuts highlight feminine hourglass shape. See-through lace inset in Waleska Gorszevskiallows’ bodycon dress adds the mysterious ‘sneaky-peek’ detail it, while velvet ‘framing’ at the front concentrates on feminine shape. Ombre colour transitions are inspired by Mark Rothko’s Colour Field canvases and featured throughout the collection, where the optical illusion is supported by streamy chiffon and velvet dovetails as seen on Mijo Mihaljcic. Metal details on the belts attract attention to the waist and act in favour of hourglass shape, featuring this collection.

 Floral print with brush strokes as petals on black background are Saab’s print detail for this season. Looking classy subtle chic, compared to typical floral print, the dresses make a powerful image. Full length dress worn by Charlene Högger in a combination with a more casual looking jacket with a zip gives the effortless chic image, where the jacket adds to the flow, yet makes it more grounded.

 Geometric accessories are used to compliment the looks. Soft leather bags in emerald and merlot, alternating through sharp rectangular leather stripes on the top in crocodile and finest leathers with chain handles reflecting the light, convey the idea of a powerful woman. Sets of bangles in gold and snakeskin highlight the long sleeves and act as a continuation of the garment detail on the short-sleeved tops and dresses.

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by Tatiana Ivanova