Brides across the globe are faced with this problem everyday….“What should I do with my dress after the big day?” I mean, not only is it your dream dress, but no doubt you have spent a fare amount on this wonderful and beautiful creation, so it’s an important decision.

There are so many creative ways for you to protect the memory of this lovely keepsake and it totally depends on how attached you are to this item of clothing, either emotionally or financially, but one thing is certain, you will need somewhere to store it while you make the decision.

The world’s leading wardrobe management and storage solution specialists Vault have brought their couture service into the bridalwear market, which is fantastic news, because Vault now offers a great way to keep your wedding dress protected and cared for years after the special day, with their new service Bridal Vault, which aims to ensure the utmost quality control when storing and preserving your gown after your wedding day.

Offering a tailored wedding dress preservation and storage service, Vault care for and store wedding gowns of all shapes and sizes. Bridal Vault dresses are stored according to their material, shape and size, guaranteeing the best possible environment and condition for your gown to look the same decades after your special day.

Vault boast a 99% success rate of returning your gown to its original beautiful state. each gown is submitted into a detailed check-in and condition report and then your gown is sent to specialist cleaning partners who undertake the careful cleaning of your gown. Vault will visually catalogue your dress, allowing you 24/7 virtual wedding vault access to view your gown. Click here to find out more.

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