In the world of sizzling catwalks, how do we tell one fabulous fashion show from another?

While you might say it all boils down to de gustibus non est disputandum we are fairly certain that, at least at Crisitan Dior’s, they have found the universal formula. The Resort 2015 collection is so spectacular it’s hard to imagine that somewhere out there, someone is probably saying: ‘Nope, This. Does. Not. Float. My. Boat’.

 If the collection is very chic, it is probably lacking in the the wearability department and if it’s all about practicality it must be, well, boring.

And how beautifully does Raf Simons merge the two juxtapositions. The silk scarf appeared to be the inspiration for the collection, making it all the more ‘relaxed’ for it, while staying true to Raf’s signature clean, modern look.

The most eye-catching detail is certainly the amazing boldness with which all the completely different prints were mixed and then seeing them fit like puzzle pieces.

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