Mauritius (164×130)
Christina Desbiez

Christina Iwase Desbiez is a London based art consultant and dealer of Fine Art whose career has spanned over 20 years. Desbiez’ affiliations with international galleries is well-known and her work with now established and emerging artists takes her to Asia, North America and throughout Europe presenting these artists to the market at the most opportune times for collectors. “Meeting an artist at the beginning of their career and watching them establish a name and place in the Art World is the most rewarding part of my work.”

Over the coming months, Mrs Desbiez will be giving us an insight into the world of art, through the knowledge of her favourite artists and up and coming exhibitions and shows.

Artist on my watch list: Anton Molnar

Anton Molnar was born in Budapest in 1957. He spent part of his childhood in Africa before attending the Fine Arts school of Budapest. In 1979, he entered the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and was taught by Bauhaus artists. After seven years of study, he graduated with a Masters Degree in painting, anatomy, History of Art and fresco.

The same year, the United Nations offered him a job as a graphic designer in Geneva. This first step out of Hungary led him to his move to France in 1988 where he enjoyed artistic freedom of expression.

Today, his works are part of major collections throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

There are great opportunities to purchase works by Anton Molnar, a living artist with an established auction record. I first met Anton in 1993 when he had an exposition in Tokyo, Japan and immediately recommended him to collectors. Since the time my clients began collecting Anton’s works, there has been an exponential growth in the value of his work. Most recently, in an auction in Tokyo, a piece was sold for 14,000,000 Japanese Yen.

In future columns, I will bringing forward emerging and established artist for your consideration.

Currently, I am particularly excited about these galleries’ upcoming shows:


Arcadia Contemporary 51 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013

Danny Galieote show 22 May through 15 June

Should you find yourself in this fabulous international capital, it would be well worth your time.